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Time to get back on the road

Road trips are one way of holidaying I thoroughly enjoy and I have been quite regular with short trips in and around North India for many years now. But it’s been over 10 years since I did my last long distance trip. It was from Delhi to Goa spanning over a month covering 7 states and 22 cities.

I am heading to Madhya Pradesh for two weeks. Unlike the Delhi-Goa trip where I travelled with my buddies, this time, my wife is my companion along with her trusted Ford Figo.

Madhya Pradesh located in the heart of the country is a state filled with ancient history, grand architecture, culture, great food and is a home to 11 national parks. End October is the perfect season to travel, as all the national parks open on 15th October making it the high season.

Our agenda is quite straightforward, we want to visit as many tiger reserves that we can and of course enjoy all that comes our way. We have estimated that we will be travelling 2600 kms starting with Gwalior, Orchaa, onto Khajuraho followed by Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Satpura, Bhopal, then Shivpuri and ending with Agra as our last stop before we head back home to Delhi.

While our itinerary involves hotel and park reservations, at the same time we have ensured that it does not tie our bumper to a schedule. Our accommodation ranges from budget state owned forest houses to luxury hotels. As someone who has been planning holidays for the last many years, my advice to anyone thinking of doing a road trip in India is that an advance reservation is ideal, especially if you want to save time and not end up pulling in and out of countless hotels looking for rooms due to high season.

I will be doing a blog series capturing all aspects of the road trip and Madhya Pradesh – our journey, the route, hotels, places to see, food to eat, etc. Follow the THC blog or the Facebook page for regular updates from me.

In the meanwhile,  plan ahead and outline your next grand adventure on the road.

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