Kanha - entrance - courtyard house

Hotel Review: Courtyard House, Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park is known for its Tiger spotting; hundreds of people flock to this park every year from across India and overseas in the hope to see a Tiger. My suggestion, visit this park for reasons beyond the king of the jungle. This jungle can also make for a memorable holiday if you are looking for some peace and quality time with family and friends.

While planning our accommodation in Kanha, we decided to stay away from the popular hotels mentioned online and chose to stay at a boutique hotel called Courtyard House. A quaint house with its exterior walls painted a warm yellow,  it is perched on a slight height and can be spotted from a mile away. Literally, off the beaten track the house is situated in the buffer zone of the Kanha Tiger Reserve and the view of the jungle from the house extends as far as the eyes can see.

Kanha - route to Courtyard

The route to get to Courtyard House.

The house has 5  rooms besides a living room, a dining area and a few outside seating area options. Spacious and decorated beautifully, a lot of wooden furniture has been used and bright rugs placed in the rooms to create a warm and comfortable living space.  All the rooms of the house face towards the courtyard on the ground floor.  The bathrooms are big and have enough space for your suitcases, a closet and a sitting area.


The courtyard at breakfast.

Ideal for a large group, book the entire house for a minimum of two nights or more!

It can accommodate 10 to 15 people. Make this a holiday that everyone will not forget. From bird and butterfly sightings, safaris, walks in the village, to lazing by the pool, picking up a book from the library and some great home-like cooked food – there is something for everybody here.

Kanha - forest walk

Forest area around Courtyard House.

Kanha - tiger paw

Tiger paw spotting.

To get to Kanaha National Park, you can either fly to Jalbalpur which is 160 km away from the park (4 hours drive) or Raipur which is 250 km from the park (6 hours drive). Both these cities are well connected with metros across India.