Explore the medieval cities of northern Belgium

Planning a holiday to north or west Europe?

Whatever your plans are,  you must include Belgium in your itinerary.  Plan your stay in Brussels (the capital of Belgium) for at least 3 to 4 days. Once you are done with this charming city, travel north further in to Belgium to experience cornucopia of culture, historic places and beautiful towns and cities.


Only 56 kms from Brussels, this city has a medieval feel to it, but also retains an  industrial edge. With most of the town center closed to cars, Ghent is best explored on foot,  two wheels or by boat along the elegant canals. As you enter the central square you will be welcomed by Gravensteen Castle or Castle of the Counts.

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Besides chocolate and beer, Belgium has a lot to offer

While we have all heard about Belgium chocolates and beers,  Belgium has never been on the travel maps of  many Indians holidaying in Northern or Western Europe.

In April earlier this year, I traveled to Belgium with my husband and two friends (a married couple).  We chose to travel during spring, but we realised that the European spring is as cold as the Indian winter (at least for us girls). If you are planning a visit, plan to travel in summers – June to September would be an ideal time. But even in the cold and wet weather, Belgium did not let us down. There is so much that this little country can offer, you just need to know where to start.

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5 amazing things you can do in Melbourne – in a day!

If you have only a day in Melbourne or if it’s your first time in this beautiful city, you can very quickly feel overwhelmed when deciding an itinerary.

To make it easy for you, I have put together a short-yet-comprehensive list of what to see in Melbourne in a day. I feel that these 5 must-dos will give you a good sense of the city, regardless of personal interest

One – Melbourne offers the best coffee!

I recommend that you start at Federation Square. Known locally as Fed Square, it has plenty of options for a quick bite and a coffee to wake you up. Located in the heart of Melbourne, there is always something on – it’s a great place to hang out and watch all the action too. The Square is also Melbourne’s biggest outdoor free wifi hotspot.

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Are Parisians friendly?

They certainly have’t been living up to the rude reputation so far…

We were pleasantly surprised to find someone helping us with our luggage without asking for a cent! While figuring out the way at the Metro, a stranger happily gave us directions. Nice guy!

While on the streets of Paris, we stopped a couple to ask them the way, they immediately took out their phone map, and helped us out. Of course our pronunciation wasn’t perfect :-) but they figured out which street we wanted to go to, and showed us the way.

So what gives? Do Parisians just have a bad reputation (created by us!)? We have always heard that they are horribly rude and pretend not to know English when spoken to. We were pleasantly surprised to find that people in Paris were quite helpful and managed to speak a few words of English or two.
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